selfWell hello there. You must have stumbled here to find out more about me.

Who am I? I am Ghislaine. I am curious person that loves all things technical and who also finds the business world most fascinating. I work in the financial technology services (perfect combo, right?). I’m into leadership and talent management. I think that success is a mindset. You have to first believe in the vision and then you make it happen. I also believe that people can make a difference in this world if we have the right attitude and resources.

One of my passions is to encourage more females into the Computer Science field. I’m on a journey in trying to make a difference. You can read my post here about why gender diversity in tech matters.

On a personal level, I’m also a mother to 2 very energetic boys. They consume a lot of my personal time. I also have a lovable little wiener dog (Miniature Dachshund). As a typical female, I do love children and animals. Other interests include golf, photography, crafts (mostly sewing related), baking, and gardening.

I am a social person. I love to network. I think the Internet rocks.

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