Monthly Archives: April 2008

It’s been awhile…

Seems like ages since my last update. I guess with going back to work and being a busy wife & mommy, it’s hard to update. Does anybody read this anyway? BTW, I have been getting a load of SPAM postings these days. How the heck did these people get to my tiny blog anyway??? Good thing that I moderate my comments. I wish WordPress had a better way of filtering spam postings…

Anyhow, things have been dandy in my life. The babe is growing fast and he will no longer be a babe anymore. He isn’t walking quite yet but can stand for a significant amount of time and can cruise around pretty well. I think once they start walking you start to call them a toddler instead of an infant. He is almost going to be 1 years old soon. Time really flies once you have kids. He is one crazy & fun kid. It’s been a challenge taking care of him but it’s also been a blessing having him in my life.

I have also been back at work for over a month now. Yes, I went back early. The hubby is taking the rest of the paternal leave. He and the babe (and the dog too) are hanging out together during the weekdays. The boys have been having a good time bonding with each other.

Oh, we also moved into a house! Yes, that is rather big news isn’t it? We moved into our big home 2 weeks ago. Still busy unpacking. Another reason why I barely have time to go on the internet anymore (at least not in the evenings). We have a lot more space for the kid, the dog, and everybody else. I also get to have my own sewing room! Woohoo! I used to just use my sewing machine on our dinning table and would always have to put it away after I had finished a project or if we needed to eat on the table. Now I can just leave my messy sewing projects around until I’m done and not have to pack up and unpack my sewing stuff all the time. I am pleased about that :) . However, it will be a while before I can start sewing again. I have all these projects I want to start on but I really should clean up our house and settle in before I get distracted with sewing projects.

Maybe I will post some pictures of the house next time I update. Thanks for reading!

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