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A Safari Birthday Party

Both of my sons are born in the month of May. Since their birthdays are fairly close, we decided on a joint birthday party this year (my oldest one turned 4 and my youngest one turned 1). And of course, we always need a theme for a birthday party! We decided on a Safari animal theme since it was appropriate for both a baby and also a preschooler.

Below are some of the pictures from the party.

Birthday Banner

Safari Passports

Goodie Bags

Paper Banner


Chocolate Cake

The Boys

Family Pic

It was fun but also a lot of effort to plan for this party. Mostly because I am an ambitious mother and had this grand vision of the kids doing all these fun activities, however during the course of the event the children just entertained themselves and I really should not have spent so much time thinking and planning activities for them (because little kids don’t follow rules you know?).

I had this vision of the kids coming into our house and they would be welcomed with a greeter which would take an instant picture of the kids (with my Fujifilm Instax camera that I purchased online) with the backdrop of our plants in our annex. Then the kids would pick out a Safari booklet that they could keep and place their instant picture inside – like a real passport. And then, the kids could fill out their info inside the booklets and also collect stamps by going around the stations that were set up. We had some games set up, but the kids weren’t really interested in them. We also had a craft area setup and luckily that was pretty popular with mostly the girls. The crafts were of course safari animal related. The instant pictures were kind of fun and I wish I had taken some pictures with the instant pictures installed inside the passport booklet (oh well!).

Here are some of my resources:

  • The animal scrapbooking decorations were custom made by Cute Cards (thanks Gloria!). That would be the paper birthday banner and the Safari Passport covers. I also had some cupcake toppers made, but I ended up not using them (we had small cupcakes which didn’t really work with the cupcake toppers – I’ll save them for something else).
  • Custom stamp for the passport booklets from Etsy.
  • I made the goodie bags with fabrics from the Alexander Henry 2D Zoo collection and I used this online tutorial.
  • Safari-themed balloons were purchased from Splash Toys.
  • Animal cake toppers are from Wilton.

Some of the items inside the goodie bags:

  • Animalz wooden toys
  • Safari animal temporary tattoos
  • Animal finger puppets (for the young kids)
  • Small Play-Doh tubs (for the bigger kids)
  • Candy!


Safari Finger Puppets

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I am officially back at work now. My boys and I are slowly adjusting but I am glad to announce that it is good to be working again. Yay for mental stimulation and for more income! :)

P.P.S. Today is my 8 year wedding anniversary. Crazy how much has happened within the last 8 years. 1 dog, 2 kids, 1 house, 1 car… 3 jobs for the hubby and the same job for me!


This Is It

Well, tomorrow is my last day of mat leave. Then I officially start working again on Wednesday. Wow, time flies.

It is somewhat of a bittersweet end though as it was different being off work with 2 kids and with more help (my mom and nanny around). But I have to admit that I am definitely ready to go back to work. Kind of looking forward to being away from the kids for a bit. Although I bet you that I will start feeling guilty for being at work and not being at home once I am back in the office. But I know the type of person that I am and I am the type that NEEDS to work.

Now, I might start to whine and complain but I find that even in today’s modern society, us women have it much harder than the men when it comes to parenting. Yes, I know that some of you men out there do help out at home and do a lot with the kids, chores, etc. But for the most part, you have to admit that it is the women who still the bulk of the work at home. So not only do some of us have to work a full day at our regular job, but we also have to work harder when we get home and face the kids and the chores.

So as mother, I find myself busy all the time with always more to do. Whether it be preparing the food for the baby, or sewing something for the kids, or shopping online for the kids. Everything seems to revolve around my children these days. Maybe it’s that motherly instinct that us women have. It’s always about the children. And when the kids are down for sleep at night, sure I have a bit of “me” time, but I find myself mostly doing stuff for them anyway. Because if I don’t do it, who else will?

I understand that men work hard at their work and when they come home they need to “wind down” but I just don’t empathize with that when all they do is watch TV and zone out until they go to bed. For me, whenever I am watching TV I feel like it is a waste of time and I just want to get on my feet and do something else. So most of the time, when I am watching TV I am multi-tasking and doing something else at the same time (on the computer emailing, cooking for the kids, prepping for other projects, etc.). But maybe that’s me. I just constantly need to be “doing” something and feeling productive or I am uncomfortable just sitting still. Perhaps I should though. Just do nothing for a day. But that would be impossible for me to do that. Do you know how much catch up I would have to do the day after?

So right now, I’ll be honest with you but I feel under appreciated as a mother and what I do for my children. Nobody will understand this feeling other than another mother. Anyhow, I need to sleep. One more day with the kiddies and then back to work. I hope I can survive without mid-day naps.

P.S. Been busy party planning for my kids birthday party this weekend. I guess this is something I take upon myself (I do like to plan for parties) but I hope the kids will enjoy the event. I’ll post an entry of the recap after the party. So it should be a more enjoyable post to read (no more whining – I promise!).