Monthly Archives: July 2011

Summer is Here

Well, we officially have summer weather here in Vancouver. It’s about time.

Last weekend was Canada Day long weekend for us folks in Canada. It was so nice spending time with the kids (and husband of course). Now that I am back at work full time, I really do appreciate my weekends. The hardest thing about being at work full time is that I get to see so little of my kids during the weekdays. I see them briefly in the morning and then I am in a mad rush to get to work. Then I rush home to see them for about an hour or two and then they go to sleep. I do appreciate my “down” time at home when the kids are asleep but I do miss spending time with them during days. They change and grow so much every day!

So back to the topic of the weekend, we spent Canada Day at Canada Place. We usually head out to Granville Island on Canada Day but this year we decided to head out to Canada Place since we read on the internet there would be events there. It was definitely worth the trip. We took the skytrain downtown (the kiddies enjoy the skytrain anyway) and it was fun checking out the festivities. It reminded me of the Olympic period back in February 2010. We definitely plan to go again next year!

Kids with Olympic Cauldron

Then on Saturday we decided to head down to Jericho beach. My oldest son loves the beach so we knew it’d be a hit with him. What we weren’t so sure of was how our youngest son would react. When we took him to the beach when he was a baby, he didn’t really enjoy it but now that he’s older he seems to enjoy playing in the sand and getting his feet wet from the water. I think we were relieved to discover that he does indeed like the beach because we (my husband, oldest son, and I) are definitely beach lovers! It was such beautiful weather. We also were able to enjoy low tide that day (the kids liked waddling in the shallow water by the shore). It did take a lot of planning when you bring along 2 kids to the beach. Everything from food, snacks, beach chairs, beach tent, spare clothes, sunscreen, sand toys, umbrella, etc. Anyhow, we’ll definitely be heading out to the beach more often this summer. So grateful that we live in a city where the beach is such a short drive away from home. It isn’t as breathtaking as Hawaii, but still pretty darn good.

Beach Buddies

I am hoping the good weather will stick around for a while.