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Hi friends,

It is day 2 in Hawaii and we managed to get a lot accomplished today.

I went to get some surfing lessons from Dane Kealoha who is a previous surfing champion. I did manage to stand on the board however I got tired shortly after and had a hard time getting up on that surfboard. For our first time surfing, apparently that is supposed to be decent.

Then we went up hiking at the Diamond Head crater with the kids. The kidlet managed to trek up there on his own (his motivation was that he gets to have his own shaved iced if he makes it to the top on his own). What a trooper!

Anyhow, I won’t be able to post updates all the time but I have been posting some pictures on TripColor of our trip. So go visit my TripColor trip here to keep up with our family trip.

Thanks for reading!






Aloha! We are in beautiful Hawaii yet again. We landed in Honolulu late last night and trying to get the kids to bed last night with all the excitement was quite a challenge.

Well today is a new day and we should be enjoying the beach and sun very shortly.

Just wanted to write a quick post to say hello and to also post a picture of the sunrise this morning.