Baby Geese in the City

On the rooftop in this building beside my office, there were geese that laid 3 eggs a few weeks ago. This Wednesday the eggs started to hatch. My co-workers and I have been looking over at the nest to witness this little miracle from nature.

This morning all 3 goslings were up and posing for this photoshoot with mom & dad. How cute!

(Photo courtesy of ChicGeekPhoto)

Now they are apparently gone because some people came by and ushered them towards the sea. Apparently 3 humans came by and guided the geese and their goslings towards the elevator and then in downtown Vancouver towards the waterfront. Can you imagine seeing geese and goslings in the elevator?

Wish I was able to witness them walking down the streets of downtown. I guess now they are by the water which is where they should be.

My co-workers named the geese Gertrude and Fernando. “Have a good life Gertrude and Fernando!”


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