Back from Maui!

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Hello friends!

The boys and I went to Maui for a family vacation last week. It was my little boy’s first vacation and first plane ride. The plane ride (there and back) was not so pleasant but once we were in Hawaii, my son really enjoyed it. He loves the sand and the ocean! He just cannot get enough of the beach.

Even though it was a nice vacation, I have to be honest and say that I am somewhat relieved to be home again. Traveling with a 15 month old can be quite exhausting. We had to bring so much “gear” just for him (from the stroller, to a portable booster seat, to the car seat, etc.). I think if we had to go away on a family vacation again, I would wait until my boy is big enough that he does not need all that “stuff”, or go somewhere close by without the long plane ride.

We stayed in Kaanapali which is along the North West coast of the island of Maui. We mostly went to the beach (we went every day except on our last day since we had to check out of our hotel by noon) and strolled along Front Street in Lahaina. Activities can be a bit limiting when you are traveling with a small toddler. We also visited the beach at Kihei and spent an evening at the Hyatt for a nice luau.

Hawaii is such a pretty place, but I have to say that I think I like Vancouver better. Home sweet home…

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