Beach Life and Baby Update

Low Tide @ Jericho Beach (stitched)

We Love the Beach

One of the best things about living in Vancouver is how we are so close to the water. And not only that, we also have the view of the beautiful mountains.

One of our favourite things to do as a family is go to the beach. We’ve been heading down to Jericho Beach (or I think it’s actually closer to Laguno Beach) numerous times this summer already. It’s a short drive for us, and my 3 year-old son can easily stay there for hours (good entertainment value). We especially enjoy going during low tide when we can walk far down along the shore.

My 2 month old baby is a bit too young to enjoy the beach so he mostly just sleeps in a baby carrier when we go. If he is anything like the rest of his family, he is also going to love the beach. Cannot wait until he can sit up and play with sand!

IMG_6058 IMG_6089

I cannot believe that the month of July is almost over already! I thought I would post more often this month but I guess not. We’ll see how busy August will be…

Baby Update

My baby is almost 12 weeks old. Time flies. He’ll be turning 3 months soon. He’s also been sleeping a bit better lately. Not exactly sleeping through the night yet but if I’m lucky I will have nights where he will sleep 5 hours straight through. The worse nights were the ones where he woke up every 1-2 hours. That was so brutal.

My mom and nanny have also been helping a great deal during the day with the baby. This allows me to get a nap during the day time when the baby needed to be held for naps. He’s been transitioning to sleeping in his crib more often for naps and that also really helps (he has been sleeping in his crib at night for a while). Yay baby! Not sure if this is because it’s the second baby or if he’s just “easier” compared to my first born. I hope his naps will be more regular so that we can schedule some activities and outings in between naps.

I have always found the sleep training thing to be the hardest thing with babies. My oldest son was never really a good napper. Luckily, he eventually slept through the night (8+ hours) at around 8 months but from what I remember it was pretty tiring before that. It’s funny how easily we forget about the pains and woes of parenting as time passes. Perhaps that is why people have more than 1 kid, because they forget about how miserable it can be with those sleepless nights! Or some are lucky are and have babies that are easy to soothe and that sleep well from birth. Not my children! (I won’t even go into the details about how my oldest son has been waking up at night lately…)

It also helps that baby #2 seems to be mild tempered. Little j seems to be generally a happier baby than big J was when he was a baby. My second son is pretty cheery most of the time (he loves to smile at faces!) and can sit still in a car seat, stroller, or baby rocker for long periods of time whereas my first son was a very serious baby and hated sitting on his own and always wanted to be held (I used baby carriers a lot with my first son).

This being very likely my last child, I think that I have been trying to savour the moments of having a baby a bit more than the first time around. I just love those little fingers and toes, and especially all those cute little noises that my baby makes. Little j loves to coo and “talk” to people. It’s just the most adorable thing! Makes those sleepless nights not as miserable when you look at your baby and realize how helpless and sweet they are. How could I be mad at this little guy for keeping me up at night? Or maybe I am just getting softer now that I have been a mom for a while.

Anyhow, I leave you with a couple of pictures of the little guy. Isn’t he adorable? I know that as a mother you’ll always find your own children cute but you have to admit that he IS pretty darn cute! 😉

IMG_5744 IMG_5841

P.S. The baby room is almost complete (have a few final touches that I have not been able to hang up yet) and hopefully I can post more pictures soon.
P.P.S. Been sewing again lately! Maybe I will write about some of the stuff I have been sewing in another post. Bye for now!


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