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Easter Fun

Easter Fun Mosaic

My son and I had a really fun time yesterday decorating eggs for Easter. He is at an age where he enjoys crafts and making things with mommy. I love it!

I bought a really cheap egg dyeing kit from the dollar store (yup, it only cost $1!) that turns dyed eggs into these decorated eggs on wheels. Hence called VehEGGles. What a clever little kit! I am definitely going to buy more of these if I can still find them for $1.

We also had some plain styrofoam eggs that I got from the craft store which my son just randomly placed stickers on top. This is also a cheap and easy way to have toddlers decorate eggs (my son loves peeling the stickers and placing them on the foam eggs).

We turned old tissue boxes into Easter baskets by just cutting the top off and adding a strap out of construction paper. One of the tissue boxes already had a bunny on it so I didn’t even bother covering it with construction paper. We stuffed some coloured straw into the baskets and added our decorated eggs in there. Ta-da! What a fun and easy way to craft with a 2 year old.

Anyhow, if you’d like to see the pictures click here to see the Flickr set.

Happy Easter everybody!


New Year Post

Well hello friends & followers. It has been ages again since my last update. I am very unmotivated to update my blog. I feel like nobody reads it but I suppose if I actually updated more often then perhaps people would visit more often. I would use the excuse “I’m busy” but the real reason is actually “I’m lazy”.

Anyhow, happy new year everybody! I cannot believe that it is 2009 already. Valentine’s day is tomorrow. The hubby and I have some time alone tomorrow without the kid. Lunch and a movie. Things certainly change after you have a kid.

My son is now 20 months old. He is going to be turning 2 very soon. Time flies!

Life has been generally very good. I am happy at work and it’s been wonderful seeing my son grow. He’s such a clever boy! I also have a lot more “free” time now in the evenings after my son goes to bed. It’s nice to have time to myself again.

With my free time, I have been sewing again. Hooray! Sewing and crafting makes me happy. :)

Here are some crafty things I have done lately but haven’t had a chance to post about it…

  • Made my first quilt
  • Created some “Shadow Boxes”
  • Sewn my first baby girl dress (I have only sewn doll dresses before!)
  • Made a ninja outfit for my Sonny Angel
  • Made a cute little linen bag
  • Made a Valentine bunny softie

My First Quilt Shadow Boxes Baby Dress
Nimble Ninja I Made This Bag Valentine Bunny

I have also been very attached to my iPod touch lately. I wish I originally just got the iPhone instead, but the iPod touch is still pretty darn cool. I can download video podcasts, check email, surf the web, go on facebook, and twitter on it. Technology rocks. One of these days, I am going to convince myself to write an iPhone/iPod app.

Sometimes I think I have too many interests and hobbies. I am just so ambitious that I want to do everything! It makes me upset that there is only 24 hours in a day. But this also makes me realize that there are reasons why there is 24 hours in a day and putting limits on yourself is necessary. Rest is good too. Which is the reason why I will end this post now.

Thanks for reading. Happy Valentine’s Day & goodnight.


Granville Island & New Toys

Well, it’s the end of my second week off. Feels rather slow but I guess it’s been nice to rest and just take it easy. No, the baby isn’t here yet…

On Wednesday I went for a walk to Granville Island. Took some pics as usual (with the new digicam). It was a lovely walk indeed. I ended up buying some pot pies for Thursday night’s dinner and a Micro Playmobile set from the Kids’ Market.

Yesterday, I also received my Tailor Gibson Blythe from HLJ. She is my first RBL mold Blythe. Her hair is so much softer than I expected it to be. Probably the softest hair of all the Blythe dolls that I have. I had to fix her bangs a bit though because I did not like the gap that came from the factory. So I gave her a hair wash, ironed her bags (with a towel), and gave her a bit of a fringe trim. I have to admit that she looks much cuter in person. Wasn’t sure if I was going to keep her but I think I will. I still need to think of a name (although I quite like the name Tailor itself but then it almost seems thoughtless of me to choose that!).

Tailor Gibson Blythe in box Tailor Gibson with Sewing Machine Bag
Tailor Gibson & sleeping dog

Aiko with miniature Noah's Ark set

I made a bear softie last night for a present but haven’t completed it yet. I will take a picture of it once it is done. Made it from some Japanese pattern books (no I am not that talented to come up with my own patterns!). I also just made some cinnamon bread pudding right now. I hope it tastes alright.