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Granville Island & New Toys

Well, it’s the end of my second week off. Feels rather slow but I guess it’s been nice to rest and just take it easy. No, the baby isn’t here yet…

On Wednesday I went for a walk to Granville Island. Took some pics as usual (with the new digicam). It was a lovely walk indeed. I ended up buying some pot pies for Thursday night’s dinner and a Micro Playmobile set from the Kids’ Market.

Yesterday, I also received my Tailor Gibson Blythe from HLJ. She is my first RBL mold Blythe. Her hair is so much softer than I expected it to be. Probably the softest hair of all the Blythe dolls that I have. I had to fix her bangs a bit though because I did not like the gap that came from the factory. So I gave her a hair wash, ironed her bags (with a towel), and gave her a bit of a fringe trim. I have to admit that she looks much cuter in person. Wasn’t sure if I was going to keep her but I think I will. I still need to think of a name (although I quite like the name Tailor itself but then it almost seems thoughtless of me to choose that!).

Tailor Gibson Blythe in box Tailor Gibson with Sewing Machine Bag
Tailor Gibson & sleeping dog

Aiko with miniature Noah's Ark set

I made a bear softie last night for a present but haven’t completed it yet. I will take a picture of it once it is done. Made it from some Japanese pattern books (no I am not that talented to come up with my own patterns!). I also just made some cinnamon bread pudding right now. I hope it tastes alright.


New Digital Camera

We bought a new hand-held digital camera over the weekend. We wanted to get a new compact digicam that we can easily carry around since our dSLR can be rather bulky! I have been doing a bit of research to figure out which one has the best features for the best price. I really wanted the Canon SD800 IS but it was just way too much for our budget so we went with the Sony DSC-W80 which was more affordable with similar features.

The colour balance seems a bit off when I take pictures of my dog, but when I take pictures of my dolls, it seems OK. I probably need to fidget around with it some more to get a better feel for it. It is definitely better than my old Sony DSC-P7 (really really old-school digicam that we bought years ago). Also, of course I cannot compare to my trusty dSLR Canon XT.

What do you think of the pictures below? Yay or nay? For around $300 CDN I guess this isn’t too bad…

Solomon with Rope Solomon with Rope Solomon with Poppet Solomon Aiko with a Scooter Una Moof