Silly Boys

My 3 year-old son asked my husband a question the other day before bedtime. My husband usually tucks him in to bed and before he goes to sleep, they cuddle on the bed and chat for a bit.

My husband told me about this conversation that they had the other night:

J: Daddy, who bought J?
D: What do you mean who bought J?
J: Who bought me?
D: Oh, we didn’t buy J!
J: You didn’t?
D: No, we made J.
J: How?
D: Um.
J: How did you make J?
D: …

I cannot help but laugh at that. I wonder when is an appropriate age to tell children about the birds and the bees. The joys of parenting!

2 comments on “Curiosity
  1. I remember having this conversation with my Mom when I was
    6 or so. I don’t remember her answer, but I’m pretty sure it
    started with “Um”. I know this is a bit dark, but I also remember a
    few years later asking what “sexual assault” was (I guess I had
    read about one in the paper) and her saying “it’s when someone gets
    beaten up”.

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