Gardening Fun – Make Grassy Eggs!

Making Grassy Eggs

Here is a fun little gardening project that you can do with your kids that is super easy. Take some empty egg shells, fill them with some soil, add some grass seeds, water, and then watch it grow.

I found this tutorial here and I assembled some grassy eggs with my 2.5 year-old son this weekend. I actually tried this a couple of weeks ago on my own but then I would ask my toddler to water the eggs regularly (after I did the initial prep work). I would show him the progress of the grass growing and he really seemed interested in seeing it grow. What a great lesson for the little ones to learn about nature and gardening!

And when the grass gets tall enough, you can trim it, place the eggs in a cute little egg cup with feet and then even add a face with a permanent marker (haven’t done that yet). This is a great inexpensive project to try with the kids (compared to those gardening kits that you buy at the toy store for a hefty price).

I hope you try this with your kids (or just on your own) sometime. Happy spring!

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