Happy New Year!

Hello friends. Hope you are all doing well. Happy New Year! Cannot believe that it is 2010 already. Time really flies.

Looks like it has been a while again since my last update. Looking back at 2009, so many things have happened. Sort of sad to see that there were only 5 posts within the year. Perhaps I shall try harder at updating my blog this year if at all possible. This year is also going to be a fairly busy year, but first of all let me quickly summarize the highlights of 2009…

  • Car: We got a new Mazda 5 in the spring. We still love our car. My hubby got into a car accident though in the fall (thankfully nobody got hurt) and we had to be without it for over a month. It was so nice to be riding in our own car again before Christmas after all the repairs.
  • Travel: We went to Whistler, Hawaii, and Parksville for family vacations. I went to Toronto on my own once for work.
  • Weddings: We went to 3 weddings this year.
  • Summer: We had an excellent summer. Lots of activities with the kidlet. It was really fun being able to go out more with a toddler rather than a baby. We visited many local fairs and went to many barbecues. One of the highlights was blueberry picking (see previous post) and eating all those sweet and juicy berries. Cannot wait until blueberry season again this year.
  • Fall: We went to the pumpkin patch with our friends and had fun picking out pumpkins. My son also went Trick-or-Treating around our neighbourhood for the first time. He really enjoyed asking our neighbours for some candy! To this day, he still mentions about getting candy on Halloween.
  • Christmas: We had a fabulous holiday this year. Took a few days off work and spent a lot of quality family time. I also had a really good time decorating and baking with my son. For a 2 year-old he is a pretty good helper. One of his favourite was decorating cookies and the gingerbread house. He also really enjoys helping me make homemade waffles (we made some today).
  • Crafting: I have had the opportunity to spend more time crafting during the evenings. Now that my son is older and sleeps through the night, I find that I have more “me” time. It is so nice to be able to craft again although sometimes I wish I had more of that “me” time. Been mostly making baby blankets and bags (see my sewing set on flickr for photos). Would like to eventually sew some dolly dresses again if I have the chance.
  • Techie: I got an iPhone and a new DSLR (Canon T1i) and also a new lens (Canon 50mm f1.4 EF). Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I got a new computer (Toshiba laptop). Been very happy with all of these purchases so far :).
  • Nanny: We have a new live-in nanny now. Rather than have my son go to daycare, we have opted to have a live-in nanny stay with us. The paperwork took a while (we are sponsoring a nanny from overseas) but it all went through with the government and she finally came in December. She’s been here for over a month now and has been super helpful around the house as well as watching after the kidlet. We really feel blessed to have her around.
  • New Baby: Yup, we got pregnant again and we’ll be expecting another baby in May of 2010! 😀 My son is going to be a big brother. I had my ultrasound this month and I found out that we’ll be having another boy. It is going to be nuts in this household with so many males…

Collecting CrabsPumpkin Patch
IMG_9590Living Room During Christmas

2010 is going to be an exciting year. Obviously there will be a new baby in the household and I will be on maternity leave again. Sort of looking forward to it and yet I am somewhat sad to be leaving work again. I think finding that balance of being a mom and working in today’s society can be somewhat difficult. I want to do well and advance in my career and yet I also want to be a good mom. There is definitely guilt sometimes for not spending enough time with my son when I am at work, but I also know that I am the type of person that needs to work to keep her sanity. I love spending time with my boy but I also love the mental stimulation of being at work (and also the contact with other adults!).

The winter Olympics are also coming to the city of Vancouver. How exciting to be living in a city that will be hosting such a big event. Hubby and I have tickets for 2 events. The city is getting busy as the days of the event are approaching. I wonder how busy it will get with all the visitors and people trying to get to the events.

I am not much of a person to make up new year resolutions but if there were a few things I would like to do more of, it would be:

  1. More photography. I need to take more pictures in general. I want to get better at photography and one of the best ways to improve is to practice, practice, practice. I also purchased a used lens from a co-worker (Canon 17-85mm) so I should have an excuse to take more pictures. I would love to get more higher end lenses, but at this point I shall be satisfied with what I have.
  2. More crafting. As mentioned earlier, wish I had more time for this. Maybe with the new baby on the way, I have an excuse to make him some baby stuff.
  3. More reading. Been borrowing from the public library a lot. So many books I want to read! (I should also spend more quiet time too for self-reflection rather than try to be “busy” all the time.) I love to learn so I find many things very fascinating to read.
  4. More blogging. Not just for the purpose of having other people read my entries but I find that I also like recording the events in my life. It is nice to go back to previous posts to reminisce about certain things. I find that as I get older, I tend to forget more often. Blogging is a nice way to record some of these things.
  5. More journaling. As mentioned above, I tend to forget things more easily these days (besides the fact that I have pregnant brain). I want to be able to remember those moments (some of which are more personal and aren’t quite suited for a public blog). My son is growing up so fast and it has been so amazing seeing him progress in the last year. I also find that recording both your blessings and your trials make you appreciate life a lot more.

Anyhow, it is getting late and it looks like I have written a lot already. Thanks for reading and I wish you all a very wonderful 2010!


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