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We survived our first road trip with the boys this long weekend. We did not initially plan to go away over the BC day long weekend however one of my co-workers had mentioned about his recent trip to Harrison Hot Springs with his 2 kids and that kind of sparked an interest when I brought it up with the husband. The last time we traveled with our 2 kids was when our little j was just 6 months old and we flew to Hawaii without much extra help. I won’t go over that trip again as it was definitely a challenging one with an infant, and therefore thinking about traveling again with my children wasn’t something I was too keen about. However, now that my little one is over 1 years old, it certainly made it easier this time around (and the fact that it was somewhat of a short car ride of 2 hours to get to our destination).

We left Vancouver city for Harrison’s on Saturday morning and arrived about 2 hours later. It would have been sooner if we did not run into traffic but what do you expect over a long weekend when everybody wants to get out of town?

Here is a summary of our activities during this fun little road trip:

Day 1

  • Lunch at Lakeview Restaurant. Small little family-owned restaurant. The food is decent (diner food) but the waitress is exceptionally friendly and helpful. We think she’s been working there for years (last time we went 4+ years ago she was already working there).
  • Check-in at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort. They have 5 pools there which are filled with mineral water. Our room was pretty decent and clean.
  • Hang out at the beach. The boys just enjoyed playing in the sand. My oldest son liked going dipping in the shallow lake.
  • Dinner at Black Forest Restaurant. We had meatloaf and Schnitzel. The Schnitzel was good but the meatloaf was salty. The service was mediocre.
  • Ice cream at the Green Star Cafe from the Harrison Village Mall. We always seem to go there for ice cream in Harrison’s. They have delicious cherry ice cream.
  • Sleepy time for the kids.

Lakeview Restaurant



Vienna Schnitzel

Day 2

  • Breakfast at Lakeview Restaurant.
  • Hangout at the pool. The outdoor family pool is heated to 26 C. So even though it rained this day, we didn’t worry about being cold outside. Just needed to quickly warm up with a dry towel once you got out of the pool though.
  • Lunch at Harrison Pizza. Small little shop with homemade pizza and pasta. We tried the Harrison pizza and it was very tasty. The kids liked it. The owner of the shop is really friendly and this is a good place for families.
  • Nap for little j and more pool time for big j.
  • We rode a 4-person bicycle from Jamie’s Quadracycle Rentals. We strapped the kids to the front and the husband and I pedaled the bike from the back. Big j enjoyed the ride, and little j got a bit overwhelmed when the sun and the wind started getting into his eyes. We only rode for 30 minutes but it was fun. Worth a try if you haven’t tried this before. (I wish I had taken a picture of all of us in that quadracycle. But the husband did take a video with his iPhone while we rode with the kids.)
  • Dinner at Morgan’s restaurant. Food is pretty tasty but is somewhat pricey ($25-30 per entree).
  • Ice cream from Chantilly’s. We tried Aloha surprise (reminds me of Hawaii!), black forest, and blueberry sorbet. All were very yummy.
  • Sleepy time for the kids.


He Built a Tower

Boys at the Pool



Mussels & Clams Appetizer

Chantilly Gelato

Day 3

  • Breakfast from the coffee shop inside the hotel. We ate our food in the hotel lobby. I think little j made a mess there (whoops).
  • Hangout at the pool. More pool time at the family pool. Might as well take advantage of that mineral water.
  • Hangout at the beach. One last time before we head home.
  • Quick lunch. We ate a wrap, a calzone, and chicken noodle soup.
  • Drive home to Vancouver.




What I really enjoyed about the trip was just the time spent with my 2 little boys and my husband. Sometimes it is hard to believe that we have our own little family now. It was nice to see my boys have such a good time hanging out with each other and just enjoying the beach and the pool. Also, it was just nice to get away from the city. Even though the town of Harrison’s isn’t too big it was a delightful short road trip. As mentioned before, I didn’t know what to expect traveling with my 2 boys again but this time around it was much more enjoyable. Probably due to the fact that my little one isn’t so little anymore (they grow so fast!).

Well, now I am looking forward to more family trips again. It is still a challenge packing and traveling with children (you have to plan so much!) but hopefully we get better at it each time we try it.

P.S. Check out my Flickr set to see the rest of the pictures from the trip.

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