Hello Friends!

Hello friends, it has been a long time since I have updated here. Work has been busy and my kids are growing up so fast. Watching them grow reminds me how fleeting time can be and how I should slow down to enjoy the moment more often.

Anyhow, I am sitting at the Chinese Consulate office in Vancouver applying for my Hong Kong ID and visa. Since I am waiting I have decided that I actually have time to write a post.

Some updates about me and the family is that we went to Hong Kong in January with the kiddies. This was their first long plane ride and first time in Asian. It is definitely challenging traveling with children especially a young child who was sick. Anyhow, we survived through it and I am crazy enough to decide I travel again with my kids next month.

We will be heading to Honolulu in Hawaii (yes Hawaii again!) before little j turns 2. This time around I am looking forward to it.

I actually have another drafted post about Hawaii but haven’t had the chance to edit and post yet. Perhaps I will try to post it before our trip next month!

Alright, I should focus on this application thing. It is chaotic. Everybody looks lost… Bye for now!


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