Hi friends,

I was out looking for some moss at the park yesterday for our dinosaur terrarium (that will be another post) and while looking at the mossy trees, I found a caterpillar. It turns out that what we found is a Woolly Bear Caterpillar and he will eventually turn into a Isabella Tiger moth.

The kids are pretty excited whenever we find bugs. We have attempted to keep a caterpillar before but unfortunately it died :(.

I have always wanted to keep caterpillars and watch them turn into a cocoon and eventually a butterfly. This time around we are in luck and our fuzzy caterpillar had already spun a silk cocoon around himself (only after a day of keeping him). Just this morning I watched the caterpillar crawl along the leaf and later in the day I thought he disappeared until I realized he had turned into a cocoon already. Nature is pretty amazing!

Well, it says on the Internet that it takes about a week to turn into a moth. My husband was disappointed that the caterpillar turns into a moth and not a butterfly but I am thrilled to just see this part of nature take place in front of my eyes and the fact that the kids get to witness it as well. What a teachable moment!

I will let you know how it all turns out. Hoping that we will see the complete metamorphosis of this bug’s life.




Speaking of change, last week was the kidlet’s first day of kindergarten. My little boy isn’t so little anymore. They grow up so fast!

I leave you with a picture of him on his first day excited about bringing his lunch to school. I had packed his lunch the night before and surprised him in the morning with his new lunchbox (that is a Goodbyn lunchbox). He was so thrilled when he saw his lunchbox and all the neatly cut up food inside. What made it even more fun was that he was able to decorate his lunch box with stickers. I will forever remember this moment in my memories…



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