New Digital Camera

We bought a new hand-held digital camera over the weekend. We wanted to get a new compact digicam that we can easily carry around since our dSLR can be rather bulky! I have been doing a bit of research to figure out which one has the best features for the best price. I really wanted the Canon SD800 IS but it was just way too much for our budget so we went with the Sony DSC-W80 which was more affordable with similar features.

The colour balance seems a bit off when I take pictures of my dog, but when I take pictures of my dolls, it seems OK. I probably need to fidget around with it some more to get a better feel for it. It is definitely better than my old Sony DSC-P7 (really really old-school digicam that we bought years ago). Also, of course I cannot compare to my trusty dSLR Canon XT.

What do you think of the pictures below? Yay or nay? For around $300 CDN I guess this isn’t too bad…

Solomon with Rope Solomon with Rope Solomon with Poppet Solomon Aiko with a Scooter Una Moof


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