Patio Gardening

I have always wanted to plant my own fruits and vegetables but have never been really successful at gardening. This year I am going to try again.

What I would eventually like to have is a garden bed in our backyard but until we build one (or my husband builds it for me) then I will have to start with patio gardening.

We have 6 tomato plants, 2 zucchini plants, some chives, some Italian parsley, some oregano, some strawberries, and a raspberry bush. I hope we end up with some food to harvest this year. Last year I planted some tomatoes and some herbs and we didn’t get many tomatoes. I think I needed to fertilize more often.

Anybody have some good tips on patio gardening? How often should I be fertilizing and what should I be using? I bought these organic alfalfa pellets but I am not sure how much to use and how often. I wanted to choose a more natural and organic way to grow my food but I am not sure if this method will work.

Well anyhow, stay tuned for more of my gardening updates sometime this season…

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