Spring is Here


Looks like spring is finally kicking in over here. The weather has been still kind of wacky (we even had snow last week!) but at least things are starting to look green around here and once in a while we get some warm sunshine when it is not raining.

I love living in Vancouver because one of the most beautiful things about this city are the cherry blossoms during spring time. It is just so magnificent seeing pretty pink blossoms all over town. How I wish to someday live in a house with a cherry blossom tree (or maybe I should one day plant one)!

A few weeks ago, my oldest son and I planted some grass seeds inside egg shells (see this post from last year). This is such a gratifying thing to do with a young child as you can see the results pretty fast! The grass started growing about a 2-3 of days after we planted them.

Once the “hair” of our eggheads got pretty long, my son then gave them a hair trim. Such a fun and inexpensive activity for the kids. I think this is an activity we might try to do every year as it teaches children how to care for plants and how to wait patiently for them to grow.

Cutting the hair on our eggheads

Speaking of hair, I finally got my haircut today. I really should get my hair cut more frequently but the difficult thing about going to the hair stylist is trying to make the time to go without the kids. Now my youngest son cannot pull on my hair anymore (well at least not as easy as before)! I also think my oldest son kind of preferred my longer hair, but I am just not the type of person who can do “long” hair.

I finally got a haircut today  on Twitpic

This will be my last month of maternity leave with the boys. Kind of sad but kind of glad to be going back to work. I am trying to enjoy every last moment of it these days. I hope I don’t cry when I am at work thinking about my boys! Thinking about it makes me emotional already.

I also have a big birthday party to plan for in May. Both of my boys are born in May. We decided on a joint party this year and so my oldest son will be turning 4 and my youngest boy will be turning 1. It is going to be a safari themed party. I have been busy planning it already… buying and ordering supplies. Stay tuned for pictures in a future post.

I have also been busy sewing a few items here and there. Perhaps I will also post about my projects in another post sometime later… Anyhow, I should finish one of my many unfinished sewing projects. Bye for now.

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  1. I used to live in Korea and the best part of that was seeing the cherry blossoms in the spring. There’s nothing quite so beautiful and invigorating!

    I love your egg craft. Perhaps I’ll give it a try this week with my daughters.

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