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Sewing Books & Baby Room Upate

Here are a few sewing books with projects that I cannot wait to start trying once I have more free time again for some sewing.

Sewing Books

Clockwise from top left: Doll Coordinate Recipe Volume 8 from Dolly*Dolly; Softies Only a Mother Could Love (borrowed from library); Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner; Built by Wendy, Dresses by Wendy Mullin.

Baby #2 has been really good so far. He sleeps and eats well and is generally good tempered. I think he is going to be a more mellow baby than my first born (thank God!). I have actually enjoyed being a mother the second round better this time. I remember struggling a lot with my first son (he was a pretty fussy baby and was – and still is – what I would call a high maintenance child). I guess I can understand why some mothers enjoy being stay at home moms now.

Moving the crib

Anyhow, I hope to start some sewing projects again soon. Still need to complete decorating baby’s room. Just a few more final touches and I would call it complete. We just moved the crib today from my oldest son’s room to the baby room. I am so glad that my oldest son is so thrilled about his new bed and about sharing his things with his baby brother. He is taking upon the role of older brother really well. I have a feeling that he is going to be a really great caring older brother!

I feel very blessed for my family.