Thrift Sales

Spring is here, and one of my very favourite things that I associate with spring are thrift sales! I love thrift sales!! (Who doesn’t love a good find, right?) I usually find the best items at church and school thrift sales. Sometimes I will get lucky at neighbourhood garage sales, but it is usually hard to find any goodies when it is just one household getting rid of their “junk”. I think that thrift sales are great because there is also a sense that you are helping the environment by not purchasing “new” items. And of course the fact that you can usually get items at a fraction of the original cost is the big bonus.

Thrift Goods

Last weekend, I found this wooden dollhouse (made by Plan Toys) with furniture for just $7 from this church rummage sale. It was in really good shape and the only thing “wrong” with it was that it had been marked with a felt marker on the floors and walls of the dollhouse. I could have easily sanded off the marks, but I thought it would be easier to just repaint over the marks. I did just that. Taped off the parts that I wanted to keep in the original paint, and then spray painted the rest with some brown paint. From the same rummage sale, I also found some great toys like wooden puzzles and Mr. Potato head for just a few dollars (my son really liked playing with Mr. Potato head which only costs $0.75 for the whole set).

Two weekends ago, I was at another church thrift sale and I found some furniture for the kids. I found a kiddie rocking chair ($5) and a small wooden table ($2). I was also going to get this small bookshelf for $2 but then I didn’t. Now I so regret it because I totally could have repainted it and added some wallpaper to the back and used it as an extra bookshelf for the kids. Oh well. Anyhow, I ended up making a seat cushion for the rocking chair and I will have to sand the table and eventually repaint it.

This weekend was the St. George fair (a private school fair near where we live) and we found some more goodies. Some board games, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls, this small wooden dollhouse, a truck (my son picked it out himself), and some board books. Everything for $13.

Does anybody else get such pleasure from finding treasures at thrift sales? :)


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